Terms and Conditions

  1. In these Terms and Conditions, the Client shall mean the person in whose name the booking is made and accepted.
  2. Bookings made less than 21 days before the date of Hire of the vessel must be accompanied by the full fee: in this case booking shall be termed a Short Notice booking. Bookings other than a Short Notice booking must be accompanied by 50% of the charter fee. The remainder must be paid no later than 14 days prior departure. The vessel will not depart under any circumstances until any outstanding amount has been paid.
  3. Westminster Party Boats Ltd reserves the right to modify or cancel any tour or substitute another vessel at its absolute discretion and it shall not be liable for any loss, damage, delay or inconvenience resulting therefrom. Repayment will not be made if cancellation or change by Westminster Party Boats Ltd is brought about by threat of war, riots, civil commotion, strikes, disaster, terrorist activities, technical problems with transportation, closure of airports, or cancellation of scheduled services or any other events outside the businesses control save that should any Tour be cancelled by reason of unfavourable weather conditions, Westminster Party Boats Ltd will refund any payment made for such tour at its absolute discretion. Threatening behaviour towards any of our staff will not be tolerated.
  4. Cancellations by the Client if notified more than 21 days before the commencement of the Hire will result in loss of deposit only. Cancellation by the Client if received within 14 days of the commencement of the Hire will not entitle the Client to any repayment, and any balance unpaid at the time of cancellation are monies due. During December Westminster Party Boats cancellation policy reverts to 4 weeks notice.
  5. The conditions for handling a boat when underway or at sea can be unpredictable. Westminster Party Boats Ltd does not accept responsibility in any circumstances whatsoever for loss of life, personal injury, illness or loss occurring by reason of the or any delay of the Client or any member of the Client’s party. Westminster Party Boats Ltd recommends Clients to take out appropriate personal insurances.
  6. The Client is responsible to Westminster Party Boats Ltd for any loss of or damage to its property caused by the Client or a member of the Client’s party (other than normal wear and tear). The client agrees to reimburse the company for any additional expense for cleaning or repairs as a result of the use or misue of the vessel by the hirer or any guest.
  7. For the safety of everyone on a Tour Westminster Party Boats Ltd must be informed in advance of any physical or mental handicaps. Westminster Party Boats Ltd reserves the right to refuse to accept a Client or member of the Client’s party. Further, where any person or persons jeopardize either their own safety and/or the vessel’s safety, Westminster Party Boats Ltd shall have the right to order that person/those persons to leave the said vessel forthwith, subject to arrangements being made to safely allow for their disembarkation. This conduct and resulting disembarkation shall be deemed a voluntary termination of the Tour so far as that person or those persons is/are concerned with no consequential liability attaching to Westminster Party Boats Ltd whatsoever. The captain has the right to refuse passage to any person or persons and the reasons for such a refusal need not be stated.
  8. The Client and members of the Client’s party are requested to carry out the instructions of Westminster Party Boats Ltd and/or its duly authorised representatives at all times while aboard the Vessel. Threatening behavior will not be tolerated and wpb will always prosecute.
  9. Animals are not permitted on the Vessel, unless authorised by WPB ltd.
  10. Where the Client is a company Westminster Party Boats Ltd shall be entitled to deem the person or persons making the booking as the duly authorised representative(s) of that company and the company will be the Client.
  11. Food or drink are not allowed to be brought on board unless by prior arrangement. Any unauthorised alcohol found by staff members will be confiscated. wpb reserve the rights to charge corkage for any unauthorised alcohol consumed on the premises. the captain reserves the right to terminate the function at his discretion if unauthorised alcohol is found.
  12. The vessel will be alongside the pier 15 minutes before the starting time and will arrive back 15 minutes before the finishing time, to allow for the embarkation and disembarkation of of the Client’s party. Functions departing late due to late comers will still return at the time booked, the function will not be extended. if guests do not depart promptly in the required amount of time the client may incur charter charges for the appropriate hourly rate.
  13. WPB operates a strict under 21s policy. you must be over 21 to hire any of our vessels and if more than 5% of passengers are under 21 you must contact the office at the time of booking. Failure to do so may result into the cancellation of your function.
  14. A security deposit may be required by wpbs with any booking. payment of this deposit will de due at the same time as the balance. the deposit will be returned to the client in full within 7 working days if no additional costs have been incurred, including but not limited to: delay to the function end time, unauthorised alcohol, loss or damage to the vessel, equipment or furnishings, discovery of false information provided by the client. WPB have the right to invoice for additional costs which the deposit does not cover. The organiser may inspect the vessel upon embarkation of the party.
  15. WPB reserve the right to cancel a function or retain the security deposit if it is discovered that the client has provided false information or if the function contravenes any part of these terms and no refunds will be given.
  16. In all matters arising out of these Terms and Conditions, the decision of Westminster Party Boats Ltd or its duly authorised representative(s) shall be final.
  17. Passengers travelling to Westminster and surrounding areas for ticketed events on New Year’s Eve should first survey the area and transport links and make own risk assessment before purchasing tickets.
    Westminster Party Boats are not responsible for passengers who are unable to get to the pier of departure on time and therefore will not refund tickets on any of our vessels.
    Westminster Party Boats do not have any jurisdiction over road or station closures or crowd control. All E-Tickets must printed and presented for boarding, passenger without printed paper tickets will not be permitted to board.I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions above and agree to abide by them on my own behalf and on behalf of all members of my party and confirm that I and all those in my party are in good health and physically fit.

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