22 Jul 2022

New Year’s Eve on the Thames

London on New Year’s Eve is a fabulous place to be. Thousands of people travel into Central London from all over the country to experience the fun. And the main focus of attention is obviously on the fireworks which are set off from the London Eye and from barges on the river.

The fireworks have become so popular that to prevent overcrowding, access to the South Bank and Embankment areas are ticketed, and the tickets sell out extremely quickly! This year’s tickets are long gone so what could you do if you want to see them live this year?

Free views

You can turn up and get a pretty good view from any area just outside the ticketed zone. If you can see the London Eye, you’ll see the fireworks. And as they’re a mostly aerial display, you can still get a really good view. The best areas are around Cannon Street, Tower Hill and St Paul’s. It’s possible to watch from the Millennium Bridge and Tower Bridge, although people will get there early in order to get the best spot. And if there are too many people around, the tube stations may have to close to prevent overcrowding.

See the fireworks from the river itself!

If you want a really great view of the fireworks at the same time as having a great night out, Westminster Party Boats always organise fantastic New Year’s Eve events. Whether you want to dance the night away or enjoy a family-friendly evening, book your tickets for one of our party cruises which will include the best views of the fireworks in London!

You’ll also be able to enjoy a cruise down the Thames earlier in the evening so you can take in the view and the lights, and wave to the crowds standing outside in the cold from the comfort of our heated lounges! We’re not sure if Big Ben will chime the New Year in at midnight this year, but we know the fireworks will be amazing!

Click here for more details of our New Year Party Cruises. We still have a few tickets available for this year. If you’re interested in seeing the New Year in from the Thames, click here for information on how to buy tickets.

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