Dear Rosie,

You were probably, after HM Queen, the most famous person on the Thames last Sunday. Rosie was definitely mentioned several times – all good. YOU DID A FANTASTIC JOB in organizing everything for everyone who was fortunate enough to be on the Mecedes for last Sunday’s pageant.

Thank you for all your hard work and the organizing you had to do. Mrs Phillips’ party and I had a simply super day – it will stay in my memory for ever. I asked a very nice gentleman (wearing pink shirt and sweater) if he was the boat owner, he said yes and I then asked him if he knew Rosie!!!!! Silly question…….of course he did!!!!!! He explained that you and your Mum were overseeing other boats so I’m very glad that you got the chance to be a part of the truly splendid occasion.

The nightmare is over now and hopefully you will get the chance to relax and look back on what for the guests on Westminster Party Boats was a truly unforgettable day.

My very best wishes AND THANKS to you and your Dad and all the staff who worked SO HARD and CHEERFULLY on the Mercedes.

Sue Thurlow (#77!!!!)